Monday, May 24, 2010


I lie here awake
While your just out their take....

From the moment i saw you
I reliezed you saw me 2....

You were perfect in every little way
I hoped you would be mine to stay....

In the end though you were gone
And so i guess so is are bond....

So while i lie here awake
Your just out their to take....

Key and Wings

I will give you the key and my wngs to my heart
For they consite of love in which you hold
Your the only one who can make me Laugh, Cry, and Love and hate all at the same time
Baby if i give you my key and wings to my heart
Promise me you wont break my big loving heart!

I Cry While I Wonder Why

I sit here and cry
While i wonder why
I loved you so dearly
I hoped you seen that clearly
I sit here and cry
while i wonder why
I watched you leave my sight
Into that bright Blue firey light
I sit here and cry
While i wonder why
I would have done anything for you
I hoped you would have too
I sit here and cry
While i wonder why
I loved you so dearly
I hoped have seen that clearly

My Friends

My friends are depressed
Some are moving away

I can't stand to see them like this

they are fighting and arguing and they are driving me nuts
When their around each other they want to punch each other in their guts

I cant stand to watch them act this way

My friends push and shove each other
I just wish they would get along together

Why can't they act this way?

Somebody help us please we are falling apart
we all use to be great friends but now were growing apart

Roll of Thunder

Roll of thunder hear my cry
Please don't pass on by
I lie here and cry
While i keep wondering why
I just loved you
I wished you did too
Roll of the thunder hear my plea
Why did you leave me
You showed me love and kindness
All i have to show is i was heartless
Roll of thunder hear my cry
Please dnt pass on by

Friday, May 21, 2010


he is forbidden
he has a LOVE
all you can do is stand aside and watch them go along
you have to be happy that they are happy
hiding your true feelings
making sure no one will know them
you have to make a smile to hide the tears in your eyes
so she wont know you love him too
he gives you that smile that melts your HEART
even if he dont know it
his smile brightnes your day
but hasnt been as bright latly
you know something is wrong with him
he is hiding something but its none of your business
you just stand aside and let them go along
him and his LOVE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"pain what is it?"
It flows in my veins everyday
"how do you deal with it?"
suffering the consequences with the blade,now i pay
"why is there pain?"
They're permanent, my pian, and my scars
"does it just hurt you?"
memories of horrid looks of my familys faces
"can my pain and scars hurt you, too?"
my heart tangled together with black lace
"can the pain be hidden?"
Always. Always. Just always putting ono a smile
"how long does it last?"
pain and lies, one big pile
"how does the pain affect you?"
my pain surrounds me like a dark empty room.......